Coronavirus Concerns


With the threat of Coronavirus dominating the news, we wanted to take the opportunity to update all of our customers on the measures we are taking to mitigate the impact on our customers.

As a company we remain unaffected by the virus. We are currently fully operational across Lancashire and business is taking place as usual.

We are taking the threat very seriously and have contingency procedures in place to ensure that we are able to continue working to meet the needs of our customers, prioritising the elderly and vulnerable customers.

All of our teams are able to work remotely should this be necessary.

We have implemented the following procedures to reduce the threat of spreading Coronavirus:-

  • Employees will use latex gloves or hand sanitiser upon entering and exiting your premises.
  • All employees who use a vehicle for visiting or delivering to customers will carry antibacterial wipes for dashboard, steering wheel and mobile device cleaning.
  • Until further notice, customers will no longer be required to sign to confirm work has been completed.
  • We have ensured than none of our employees have recently travelled to any of the destinations identified as high-risk by WHO.

If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact us on 01772 697166.
Yours faithfully

Peter Gerrard
Managing Director
APG Domestic Services Ltd