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What Type of Boiler do you currently have? We need to know what boiler you currently have so that we can get a better understanding about the size of the boiler or central heating system you are likely to require.

What is a like for like replacement? Select this if you would like to keep the same type of boiler that you currently have.

What is a combi boiler? Combination boilers, as the name suggests, combine most of the components of a conventional system (boiler, cylinder, pump, control valves and thermostat) in one unit (The Combi) . This type of boiler is generally more suited to smaller homes with up to three independent hot water users.

What is a system boiler? This type of system accommodates almost all needs as it gives hot water to several taps at any one time at high pressure.

What is a conventional boiler? This is the most common type of system in the UK today, comprising of a coldwater storage tank (normally in the loft area), a hot-water storage cylinder and a separate boiler (traditionally installed within the kitchen).