There’s an ATAG boiler that’s perfect for you and your home

Although all ATAG boilers are manufactured with precision engineering to the highest possible standards, each model offers something different. Depending on factors like the size of your home, the number of bathrooms and the demand for hot water, there will be an ATAG boiler that perfectly matches your needs.

From 6th April 2018, homeowners are required to comply with Part L of the Building Regulations – commonly known as ‘Boiler Plus’ when they have a new boiler installed. The regulation introduces new energy efficiency standards for domestic heating.

Did you know, due to its built-in Passive Flue Gas Heat Recovery Device (PFGHRD) in the same compact casing, which is unique in the UK, the ATAG iC Economiser Plus is the only boiler that exceeds all Boiler Plus requirements without having to purchase an expensive add-on.

What’s more all of our boilers offer energy efficient solutions that also help to save money on your gas bills too.

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