Underfloor Heating

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Reasons to install
  • Improved Comfort
  • Reduced Heating Costs
  • Healthy and Safe Living

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Underfloor heating has never been more affordable and unlike bulky radiators it is completely hidden from sight and more energy efficient, giving you the space to create luxurious heat without compromising interior design.

  • Innovative UFH systems with smart control
  • Save money by using less energy
  • Make more of your living space
  • Individual and multi room control
  • Control from anywhere, anytime

Reasons to install Underfloor Heating

We make underfloor heating simple offering high quality solutions underpinned by unrivalled technical support throughout the UK. Not only does Underfloor Heating create a better use of space, it is more efficient and kinder to the environment too.

  • more comfortMore comfortLike The Sun, UFH uses radiant heat to warm objects and the fabric of the building to create a cosy, comfortable environment.
  • greater heating controlGreater heating controlCreate the perfect comfort zone with individual or multi room temperature control – simple, standard and smart solutions.
  • Reduced heating billsReduced heating billsDesigned to work with low water temperatures, Speedfit Underfloor Heating can reduce energy consumption and heating costs.
  • Renewable heat sourcesRenewable heat sourceCompatible with conventional and renewable heat sources that reduce environmental impact and cut fuel bills, including air and ground source heat pumps and solar panels.
  • more living spaceMore living spaceBy removing bulky and unsightly radiators it will free up wall space and give freedom for interior design.
  • healthy livingHealthy & safe livingLess moisture and lower air movement may help reduce dust allergens. Plus with no hot radiators and sharp edges it creates a safer space.
  • less noiseLess noiseCreate a relaxing and tranquil ambience with no more creaking pipes or water flow noise. Virtually silent to run.
  • Universal controlUniversal controlEnable multi zone heating throughout the property by combining Speedfit Underfloor with JG Aura TRVs on existing or new radiator systems.

JG Aura Wireless TRV: a must for every plumbers’ tool bag


APG Domestic Services in Preston has been providing heating, plumbing and renewable energy solutions for over sixteen years. Having worked hard to achieve a good reputation we are always on the lookout for new solutions to offer our customers.

Over eighteen months ago APG joined forces with Speedfit and the relationship continues to go from strength to strength. “Speedfit were on hand with our very first UFH install, which was a site with three houses where we required a demo on how to programme JG Aura Heating Controls. Speedfit’s backup service is second to none and they are always quick to respond to any enquiry”, commented Paul Cross at APG.

Having successfully installed numerous Speedfit Underfloor Heating systems and being impressed by how easy the JG Aura Heating Controls are to install and setup, APG agreed for their next project to trial the new JG Aura Wireless TRV, as they needed a solution that could easily integrate with existing radiator stock and enable individual temperature control throughout.


A quick and easy hassle-free installation

APG combined JG Aura Wireless TRVs with JG Aura Wireless Programmable Thermostats and found the system quick and easy to install as it required no wet plumbing and minimal wiring. Commenting on the install, Paul Cross at APG said, “ We retrofitted 8 standard TRVs to JG Aura TRVs, added 9 battery powered JG Aura Wireless Thermostats to each heated zone, wired in the boiler receiver, paired all the stats with the TRVs and programmed them within 4 hours. That is phenomenal compared to alternative products on the market”.

Seamless wireless network

The JG Aura Coordinator was used to pair all the components to the wireless network. This was achieved in a matter of seconds as the coordinator requires no wiring and is simply plugged into a mains socket. Paul Cross adds, “The JG Coordinator is a great bit of kit, I programmed the time and date on one stat and it automatically sent the information to the other stats. Normally this is a long drawn out process after the hard work has been completed, but the coordinator allowed for quick pairing and programming”.

Tried, test and trusted

When asked if they would recommend JG Aura Wireless TRVs to their customers, Paul said, “I will definitely recommend the product after today’s experience. I will be offering this product to different types of customer, as the product is very versatile. We can offer this product to UFH customers who are having UFH on ground floor only but radiators upstairs so that their entire heating requirements can be operated on one system. I will also offer this TRV system to customers that we do full central heating installs for with a combi boilers and radiator, so that we can offer an energy saving solution when compared to the standard set up of just zone valves and radiators”.
Case Study – APG, Preston


  • Easy to fit and set up
  • Fully installed within 4 hours
  • Wireless radiator controls
  • Programmable multi zones
  • Energy and cost savings
  • Smart JG Aura App control
  • Onsite technical support

Technical Info

Project: Domestic, Poluton-le-Fylde
JG Support: C Smith
Project Type: Retrofit Radiators
Project Size: 4-bed Detached House
Applications: JG Aura Wireless TRVs & Heating Controls

“JG Aura Wireless TRVs are easy to install and setup, plus they are hugely versatile as they can be used for central heating installs with radiators and boilers or combined with underfloor heating to provide a truly integrated heating solution. The system is phenomenal compared to alternative products on the market, which makes it a great addition to our customer offering.”


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