Will garden lighting make a difference to my garden?

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At this time of year, our thoughts turn to outdoor living, and gardens, and you might well be asking if garden lighting will make a difference.

Lighting is a key feature in any design. Including a well lit garden will enhance and compliment your garden design whilst extending the time available to spend outdoors, so the answer is an overwhelming YES. Below are a few reasons why we think garden lighting will improve your outdoor living.

Without outdoor lighting your summer barbecue might end a lot sooner than you prefer, and as time is something we would all like more of, garden lighting is a fantastic time to extend this precious time.

Garden lighting really does increase the illusion of space. A few lights can make a huge difference. Why not try adding a few patio lights, to improve the ambiance of the area.

Try uplighting the trees,  have a few lights twinkling amongst the flower beds, or light the driveway or path for a spectacular welcome for guests.

Whatever your dreams, we at APG are happy to work with you, to enhance your outdoor living experience. Contact us today for your free, no obligation quote