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Control your costs with Smart Technology

Smart thermostats: What are they and what can you save.

Join the revolution in controlling your costs through Smart technology.

Smart thermostats are a technology that let you remotely control your home’s temperature via a tablet, smartphone or desktop for greater control over your central heating. Not surprisingly sales have rocketed since 2014, due to the significant energy saving benefits, and cost savings made possible through the popularity of smart devices, such as phones, tablets and desktops.

Smart thermostats are an important step toward helping you better manage your costs. Lets Say you go on holiday and forget to turn the heating off. With a smart thermostat you can simply use your tablet to turn it off from wherever you are in the world.

What is a smart thermostat?.

A typical room thermostat just lets you change the temperature in your home using a dial or control panel. A smart thermostat gives you full control over your home’s heating.

Smart thermostats allow you to manage your home’s temperature based on the time of day and from a remote location, using your smart phone, tablet or desktop. Another key feature of some smart thermostats, is that they learn and adapt to your behaviour.

Most smart thermostats will provide you with monthly consumption reports and some adjust themselves based on weather and humidity changes.

So how does a smart thermostat benefit me?.

Well, in addition to giving you insight into your energy consumption via monthly reports, and hopefully helping you use this information to reduce your energy bills, smart thermostats should help make your life a bit more comfortable.

For example, say you head out to work one morning and the temperature falls throughout the day. You can leave the heating off until just before you get in, so that you don’t waste any energy heating an empty room, but still come back to a warm home.

Most smart thermostats tell you how much time it takes for your home to reach a certain temperature. This means you can manage your heating system to ensure your home is always at the temperature you want it. In the long term this should lead to significant savings.

Don’t just take our word for it, see an independent review form the energy saving trust for more details.

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