Meet the team

Peter Gerrard

Peter Gerrard

Managing Director

Pete is our Managing Director, and with over 20 years experience he’s a safe pair of hands to steer the APG ship. Pete still gets involved with all aspects of the business whenever the need arises. Just don’t ask about his IT prowess, or should we say lack of.

Calum Freeman

Callum Freeman

Plumbing & bathroom installer

Callum has been with us since he left school and did his apprenticeship through APG. He has become a key member of the plumbing and bathroom team. However he does also need a little bit extra looking after as he has a tendency to cause himself the odd injury! Such as falling off rock climbing walls in his spare time.

C Greenway

Callum Greenway


Young Calum, who is currently Learning all the tricks of the trade, and the APG way of doing things whilst passing all the other engineers apprenticeship tests… Tartan paint, long stands, and Fallopian tubes

C Chattell

Chris Chattell

Heating Engineer

Chris is Howard’s son and also came to APG from school and completed an apprenticeship with APG. Incredibly reliable and efficient Chris is an accomplished boiler installer and service engineer. Chris is recently married, so his ability of having the answer for everything has now been cut short.

C Gerrard

Chris Gerrard


Chris is Peter’s son and our resident sparky. He might look like he’s fresh out of school, but don’t be deceived by those boyish looks he is fully qualified with years of experience and an exceptional work ethic. Chris’s lunchtime concoctions take some beating… Curry, Rice and Sausage roll anyone?

Chris Singleton

Chris Singleton

Plumbing and bathroom installer

Chris has been with APG for 10 years and doesn’t look a day older than the fresh faced 20 (something) year old he was when he started. With fantastic attention to detail, Chris always ensures his jobs are perfect. Chris loves eating out in posh restaurants, and enjoys nothing more than afternoon tea. In fact if it isn’t on a slate plate with watercress on the side, it isn’t to Chris’s liking.

D Downham

David Downham

Heating Engineer

Dave has worked for APG for 6 years now and fully knows the ropes. Dave is incredibly calm and methodical and as such his jobs are fantastic, never one to panic Mel likes to refer to him as Captain Calm. Dave’s style can only be described as the third wheel in Oasis.

harry wragg

Harry Wragg

Heating Engineer

We would like to introduce you to Harry our newest recruit and qualified Gas Engineer. Harry is 32, has served with the Royal Marines and is originally from Preston. In his spare time, Harry enjoy socialising and spending time with his little boy.

heather bamber

Heather Bamber

Admin Assistant

Heather is our newest member of the office staff and is responsible for keeping everyone’s brew cups filed up. Aside from that, she manages the phones and diaries and is responsible for booking most of the jobs in. She also brings her fantastic sense of humour into the office.

Howard Chattell

Howard Chattell

Operations Manager

Howard has been with APG since it’s very beginning, so his impeccable and lengthy experience means he’s more than qualified to head up our Bathroom and plumbing division. Howard is our very own APG Oracle, and if H doesn’t know how to do it, it probably means it can’t be done

Jamie Woodruff

Jamie Woodruff


For as long as Jamie can remember he wanted to be a plumber. Having finished his education at Ribbleton Hall High School and then further at Preston’s College. Jamie went onto become a technical advisor for a bathroom company. Luckily for us, he wanted to get back onto the tools and so came to work for APG.

Kev Webster

Kevin Webster

Store Manager

Kevin keeps the warehouse and stock ship shape. He also keeps the APG cogs turning by lending a hand with whatever it is that might otherwise slow the job down, from deliveries to hands on support. Whoever thought that the male of the species couldn’t multitask hasn’t met Kevin

L Webster

Les Webster

Plumbing and bathroom installer

Our Les is the man, if he can’t find the fix no one can. On hand for most of our general plumbing enquiries, Les has a vast wealth of experience and is an incredibly valued member of the team. He’s also a dab hand at the bookies so if you ever need a hot tip he’s the chap.

L Clayton

Luke Clayton

Heating Engineer

As it appears to be a bit of a trait to discuss the eating habits of staff, Luke’s preferences by far surpasses everyone else’s…his diet solely consists of Garlic Bread and chips and even then it has to come from Andreas. However we’ve found this doesn’t stop him, he’s one of our experienced service engineers and is a real star for locating a fault.

Martin Edwards

Martin Edwards

Plumbing and bathroom installer

Martin’s been with APG for about 6 years as a plumbing and bathroom installer; his customers always love him and leave rave reviews because he is such a happy chatty member of the team.


Melany Snowball

Executive Assistant

Mel is our resident Finance and IT Guru, she’s also somewhat of a Cake and Pudding Connoisseur. When she’s not helping Pete, the MD to sort out his IT issues, she’s keeping on top of the finances. She’s everyone’s favourite person in the office at month end, when she pays our hard earned wages

Ricky Taylor

Richard Taylor

Plumbing and bathroom installer

Ricky is another member of the team who started as an apprentice; Luckily he chose APG rather than persue a global modelling contract… superbly his good looks transfer into his bathroom skills and his bathrooms are always perfect. He’s a valued member of the APG Team.


Sarah Ainscough

Office Manager

Sarah has been the office Manager here at APG for more than 4 years. Amongst other responsibilities, Sarah schedules the engineers diaries, and keeps the office running tickity boo. Sarah is bubbly, unless you catch her first thing in the morning.

Steve Greenwood

Stephen Greenwood

Plumbing and bathroom installer

Steve is another long serving member of the APG team, he has a vast wealth of knowledge and an indispensable team member. He’s always chirpy and a pleasure to be around.

S Humphreys

Steve Humphreys

Heating Engineer

Steve can hold the claim to actually training Peter (the MD). Another long serving member of our team Steve is now one of our service engineers, he’s a dab hand at gas fires and can nearly always find the fix. He’s our Facebook Guru and a double for actor Adam Sandler and has he personality to match.

tony duffy

Tony Duffy


Tony is the definitive 21st Century man, in addition to being our electrician, he’s fully house trained and regularly turns his hand to household chores. He’s also a dab hand with sign language and always has a great big smile on his face.

W Cross

Will Cross

Heating Engineer

Will has been with APG for approx. 3 years and has just about completed his apprenticeship with us. He was selected to be part of the national Worcester Bosch apprenticeship scheme, from a long list of hopefuls. His attention to detail is such that, he even loves polishing his pipework…