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Leaky Boiler? Here’s What To Do

Is your boiler leaking water? Have you found puddles underneath? Is it losing pressure? There could be many reasons why you are finding water – most important is to determine whether the water is actually coming from your boiler, and eliminate any other cause (leaking roof, condensation, spills etc).

As always we HIGHLY recommend calling us out if you’re in any doubt and unsure how to deal with your boiler. If you’re quite handy and it’s simply an inconvenience rather than a huge problem, here’s a few DIY fixes you can try.

Leaking pipe fittings

If your boiler is leaking water around the pipe fittings, then there’s a possibility that it’s an installation fault. This issue is often found with new boilers if the engineer has badly sealed the pipe fittings. To check, dab the area dry then wait to see if the water appears again, if so a ¼ turn might do the trick. However there’s a chance that the PTFE tape on the inside of the fitting might need checking, then it’s time to call the engineer.

Corroded seals in the boiler pump

The very nature of boiler is that the whole system is sealed, over time, those rubber seals begin to harden or can be destroyed by elements moving through the heating system. This is mostly a common fault with old boiler systems, but it can also affect new boilers if the system has been running over pressure.

Corrosion of the heat exchanger

There are times when the problem is terminal and like when the boiler leaks water from the heat exchanger. One of the most expensive parts of a boiler is the heat exchanger and if it’s split then the best option is to replace your boiler.

Dealing with a boiler leaking water

Now that you know what is causing your boiler leaking water, you can take the next step. Some fixes are easy to do, but in most cases it’s best to call out APG Domestic Services.

We’re best placed to give you excellent impartial advice as to the most cost effective solution to fixing your boiler leaking water.

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